Terms and Conditions

First Slab10:30 am to 01:30 pm
Second Slab03:00 pm to 06:00 pm
Room No.1 Rs 12000 + 18 %GST = Rs 14160 (Without Video Conferencing) Rs 14000 + 18 %GST = Rs 16520 (With Video Conferencing)
Room No.2 to 7 Rs 6000 + 18% GST = Rs 7080 (Without Video Conferencing) Rs 7000 + 18% GST = Rs 8260 (With Video Conferencing)
Room No.8 Rs 6000 + 18% GST = Rs 7080 (Without Video Conferencing)

The booking slots as given above can be extended on per hour basis subject to availability and payment of Rs. 4000 + 18% GST for Room No. 1 and Rs 2000 + 18% GST for Room No 2 to 8

PAYMENTS & refund amount

Payment in full for Booking(s) is required to be made either through website or by cheque drawn in favour of Supreme Court Bar Co-operative House Building Society Ltd. within 48 hours of the time of booking. If payment is not made prior to 48 hours of the time of booking, the booking shall stand cancelled automatically


· if the booking is cancelled before 7 days of the MEETING a sum of Rs.500/- shall be deducted towards administrative charges from the booking amount and the balance will be refunded.

·• If the booking is cancelled between 7 days and upto 2 days prior to the meeting, 25% of the booking amount will be deducted and the balance refunded.

·• If the booking is cancelled within 2 days of the meeting, 50% of the booking amount will be deducted and the balance refunded.

·• No refund for cancellation on the day of the meeting.


  • • Cancellation can be done either on the website as per the procedure provided on the website or by approaching the Club for the said purpose.
  • • Refundable amount will be credited to the credit card/debit card account from which the payment has been received if payment has been made through the website
  • • If payment is made by cheque or cash, refund shall be made only by cheque drawn in the name of party which has booked the conference room.
  • Rooms shall be used only for holding conferences, meetings and arbitrations and for no other purpose.

  • Except for snacks served through Garden Cafe / Bay Leaf Restaurant during meetings/conferences/arbitrations, no other eatables shall be allowed in the Conference Rooms.

  • Catering arrangements can also be made in advance with club or the club Restaurant Bay Leaf on mobile: 9625931986

  • Persons booking conference rooms are required to ensure that their Drivers and support staff do not occupy the premises of the club.

  • It is expected that the users of the Conference Rooms would take suitable care that the furniture and decor of the rooms is not damaged so as to maintain the quality and standard of the Conference Rooms for the benefit of all users.

  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the Conference Rooms.

  • Conference Room user would be treated as temporary Guests of the club for the day on which Conference Room is booked and will be permitted to use the Club facilities as available to the members of the Club, on payment of usual charges.

  • Conference Room user may enquire from office of the Club regarding additional facilities that can be extended by Club.

  • Contact person in Club: Mr. Narayan Prasad Tel. No. 011-23856313-316; Mob: 9599294464 ; E-mail: